My Boy
Meet My Boy!

Every dog needs a boy. A boy is the best present you can give yourself. Boys make life more fun and never get too tired to play with you. If you look real hard, you might find yourself a boy, but you won't get the best one, 'cause I already have him!

Me and My Boy

My boy's name is Robbie. While he's in school, I wait all day just to hear his schoolbus. When I hear it, I know he's coming to play with me. We play soccer, we play football, and we play basketball. He says I'm almost as good as "Air Bud".

In the summertime, when he's NOT in school, he's with me ALL DAY!!!! I LOVE the summer! We get to swim in the pool (labradors love to swim), and run through the sprinkler. I make him laugh when I try to bite the water.

When him and his mama moved to South Carolina from Connecticut, they lived with my mom and dad. When mom and dad brought me home, they were living in our house. One day his mama said they were getting their own apartment, and I was very sad. I thought, "Oh no! I'll never see my boy again!" I was wrong. I see him almost everyday and on Sundays him and his mama eat dinner with us. His mama is my favorite aunt and she visits me a lot too! They may not live here, but they're still a big part of my life.