Ebony -- A Dog's Life


My name is

I am a Labrador, a black labrador, which is why I was named Ebony. I am a very lucky girl. I was adopted by my Mom and Dad, so I wouldn't get beaten up by the Rotweillers who lived in the house of the lady who rescued me from the woods.

Let me tell you my story.

I don't remember my canine Mom or Dad because I was really little when I got abandoned. A man and a boy were hunting in the woods and they found me sitting up on a tree stump that was really high up off the ground, or it was to me anyway, I was only four weeks old. Somebody put me up there and left me there so I couldn't get down and follow them home. The man and the boy who found me, took me home to their house, but those big Rotweillers scared me a lot. The man's wife, worked for a veterenarian, and she brought me to work with her. One day, (December 30th 1998) a man and a lady came into the vet's to get their cat who was there for a Christmas vacation. ( They went to Connecticut for a visit, and the cat had a visit at the vet's). The vet lady showed me to the other lady and I just knew that she liked me. The man did too, but they didn't take me home.
Not then anyway.

The next day they came back and got me, and brought me to live at their house. That is how I got my Mom and my Dad.

So My life as Ebony Roosevelt Girard began that day. I was really happy to be going home with the man and the lady (Mom and Dad). She had a little blanket just for me and wrapped me up nice and warm. All the way home she held me right up close to her and kept kissing the top of my head. It made me feel really warm all over! I was going to like these people I just knew it.

We got to their house and they brought me inside. Another lady and a boy were there. They said I was really cute and they were petting me. Then the cat came out. Mom wanted me to meet her because she was going to be my "sister". My Mom put me down on the floor and said "Blackie, come and see the baby". That cat ran up to me and bit my head!!! She really did! She grabbed a hold of me and swung me around. Mom yelled at her, she let go, and I ran and hid behind the chair. I wasn't going to like that cat, that was for sure!!
Mom picked me up and cuddled me and kept saying "Bad cat". I felt better because I knew that she would protect me. My Dad built a gate to put across the kitchen doorway so that cat couldn't get me. I had my own little room and I could look out of the gate and watch everybody. They would come into the kitchen and talk to me, and pick me up and love me a lot, especially the boy. He gave me some of his toys to keep me company and would lay down on the floor with me to keep me company. I really liked him a lot, I still do. I love my boy!

A very sad thing happened at our house. My sister, the cat, Miss Black, got very sick and she went over the Rainbow Bridge. Mom cried and cried, because she really loved her too. I miss her a lot, even if she didn't like me at first. She was really not so bad, for a cat anyway. She had her own pages if you would like to see them. You can click on the paw print here to see them.

Mom and Dad took me into their bedroom at night and closed the door so the cat wouldn't come in and get me. They tried to have me sleep in a box next to the bed. I didn't like that very much. It was too tall for me to see over, and it was dark in there. Even though I had my stuffed Garfield and stuffed baby Mickey that the boy gave me, I was lonesome and I soon found out that if I cried, Mom felt bad and would pick me up. She would let me sleep on the bed right next to her and I liked that. I was a good girl and never did an accident on the bed. In the morning Mom took me outside and showed me where I could do my business.
I learned very fast to just go outside to do what I had to. Mom said that I was housebroken very fast. Labradors are very smart. I knew that if I was a good girl and did what I was supposed to, that I could really train them to be great humans.

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